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(Popularity: 14) Is there any evidence that prescribing child sex dolls to pedophiles is effective in preventing actual sexual assault of real children?

Psychologically, there are two different ways to simulate the effects of child sex dolls. You might think, “Of course they’re going to reduce lifelike sex doll crime, because otherwise pedophiles have to stay repressed and there’s no way out until it’s over.” Or you might think, “Of course this just makes things worse. Worse, because it encourages pedophiles to continue fantasizing and fantasizing until they actually commit a crime.” Which theory you believe depends on how well you simulate human sexuality. Which one is true…may depend on the person. I don’t think it makes me more offended, but I can imagine where someone would offend. (I also doubt I’d use dolls that much.) I think in general people think and fantasize about sex anyway, so exporting might be a good thing, but it’s better to be less stigmatized and talked about It’s way less dangerous. In the final count, however, don’t forget that many child sex offenders are not primarily attracted to children.For many it is

(Popularity: 11) When did you get your first sex toy?

Running very badly. For the first 14 years of our lives, we drove a 1984 Ford Escort together and it took half an hour to start, stopped at every red light, and wobbled so badly until when our moms Leaving us alone in the car running, it inevitably stopped and she walked into a store.We didn’t know this car dictated our sexual interests what is a dick cover Live until we’re finally told it’s wrong to sit on each other’s laps and lie in the backseat together. Though we don’t know it’s wrong because our moms not only made us do it, but deliberately made us rock our bodies in the car with the car while going through puberty in a way that boys and girls shouldn’t. So after learning about sex and how boys and girls react, and thus establishing that we were mentally ill, we were sent to live with our aunt.So a year later we bought our first sex toy and enjoyed

(Popularity: 31) Do female sex toys destroy intimacy with men?

I hate to answer this question because the answer exposes the weakness of the women’s front. Answer: Yes. Counterattack: blabla bla. Rebuttal: Learn to Love for Change – Debate ends. But Peter, it’s a goddamn patriarchal! Yes, ma’am, yes. Have an objection?

(Popularity: 45) Why do so many boys play with beautiful Barbie dolls like girls, and feel infinite joy and love when I die for it day and night?

You’re looking at a few people who are either born with a golden spoon in their mouth or are privileged. Look at the masses, and strive to leave a mark in life. This will positively channel your energy, and you may realize later that the happiness you’re looking for today isn’t real happiness. By the way, have you heard of the Sheena Bora/Indrani Mukherjea case! Maybe you like to search Google, if not.

(Popularity: 61) My parents are here, where should my girlfriend hide?

Why would you do something you think should be hidden?Do what you can be proud of, and when you share it with your parents, their hearts should swell with pride what is a dick cover also.

(Popularity: 75) As a doctor or nurse, have you ever noticed your patients doing something inappropriate?

After a motorcycle accident – she has been riding behind her boyfriend. I was there the night she came in, she was clearly on a date, she was well-dressed and dressed up and had a great evening. Her long brown hair was scattered on the bed. She looked like a model and someone put her on a hospital bed for a Sex Doll Torsoshoot photo. She had only very minor visible injuries – but the main one was a broken neck. She had a “stiff” collar and it was painfully digging her earrings into the side of her neck. My first job was taking these off her ears for her comfort. At first, she was difficult to care for; all work with her, including bathing, required her to “roll wood” – I grabbed her shoulders, my forearms clamped her head, and head and neck were kept in alignment and position so as not to Paralyzed staff while she was rolled by 2 other people. Her secondary treatment was to install a “halo” on her skull, with traction pulling her neck towards the top of the bed. It required weeks of bed rest, she was on her back and all the nursing was rolling wood. She’s a good kid, a little younger than me. I was assigned to her every shift I worked and was very protective of her. My most painful memory is of one night shift when a male assistant who helped me keep a journal (we didn’t have a female assistant) rolled her up to change the sheets and do the laundry and said, “We can do whatever we want. You like this.” Keep me away from creepy f##king idiots like this. I complained that we never saw him in her care again – but I think the damage has been done. She was terrified and felt completely vulnerable, she was. Over the next few weeks, she became more anxious, possibly depressed. But in those days, I was too ignorant of mental health to recognize the signs. One day, I popped over to her bedside and let her know that she had a visitor. Her curtains were drawn. I called her name and stuck my head through the curtains. She was apparently masturbating under the sheets. In my short nursing career, this is not something I’ve seen before and I wasn’t fully prepared for it. She said, “It helps me relax. Please tell them to wait. I just need to get this done.” My response was, “Okay, I’ll put them on hold for a while—I’ll come back later.” Everything Well, I have the visitor wait while the “program” is done. Not long after, she answered her phone, and the curtains were drawn for her. We talked about it later and I let her know I wasn’t worried about it. I could have drawn the curtains for her – but I did advise her, I’m not sure how some of the other nurses would see it – so try not to make it too obvious. A few days later, I inevitably heard a female nurse in the tea room talking about what that “dirty bitch” was “always” doing. She made a mistake and asked the wrong nurse to pull the curtains for her. Some female nurses are very bad with patients. However, most people don’t care. Some health professionals often lack empathy, which is a good lesson for me. On the plus side, I saw her on the day the patient was discharged – she came to me to say thank you.she looks

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