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(Popularity: 76) What do you think of the little cabbage doll as a real child, ignoring your own daughter?

That’s abusive, neglectful, short-sighted, destructive, mentally unstable (insert more adjectives here).. it’s bad enough that some people treat dogs and animals better than their children. People can report this to child protective services to see if it meets the criteria for an investigation and perhaps intervene. Even a visit from a social worker can make a real daughter better.

(Popularity: 32) Should sex toys be legalized in India? why?

Sex Real Dolltoy is illegal in India. Even if they were available (like a lot of illegal stuff), they weren’t that easy to buy, especially for women. Of course they should be legalized. What are the possible legitimate reasons for banning them?Using sex toys is easy Toy Express your physical autonomy and sexual pleasure. Choosing to use a sex toy will not harm or disenfranchise anyone.

(Popularity: 76) Why do some people think of me as a sex doll instead of a human? They don’t want to know me, they just want to have sex with me.

Take control of your own destiny and reputation. If we choose to succumb to being treated like sex dolls, well, that’s all we can get. If we have more self-esteem or control our sexual conquests in our way than theirs, we won’t deal with it. I’m not saying you can’t have sex. It’s sexist to assume that women can’t enjoy sex either. But are you acting needy? Or does the 100cm Sex Dollyou position herself as a woman who uses men for her own pleasure and can hype up their ideas? Men are very fond of chasing. In partners, they don’t want second-hand items that anyone can have. They want that unique woman who can control her world and understand her own worth. You can be sexual, control your world, know your worth. Or you can be sexual and give up all your power. It sounds like you are giving up all your power. Really, who wants that?What if you are Toy Date single men who won’t take advantage of you.if you need

(Popularity: 38) Will robot sex dolls be the end of humanity?

Prohibited activity, you are not allowed to do it because it is not a normal, healthy activity.Although you may have a portion of the population Toy Using a sex robot instead of finding a human partner, certainly not everyone. And the future will belong to t

(Popularity: 85) Why do people treat girls as sex dolls?

Because they present themselves as sex dolls. They wear makeup like they think men have nothing to do, they only stalk the girls they’re attracted to, BBW Sex Dollard.

(Popularity: 10) How fake is the transmission/replication technology in the elementary school TV show “Ghost Valley”?

moon. These were already in the movie long before the film was made. Star Trek is one of the biggest contributors to modern technology. Automatic doors, laser scalpels, cell phones, tricorders (with an app), Google Glass, tablets, artificial intelligence, computer software and programs, 3-D food printing (replicators). The list continues from there. Check out “How William Shatner Changed the World” on History Channel. Thanks to that show and movie, there’s more to come. And then there’s something else we might not have thought of, but after the movie, here it is today. Widespread genetic testing and DNA testing using small and multiple samples can be seen in Gattica (sp?). Soylent is now a food product (Soylent Green), even though it’s not made with human-based ingredients. Star Wars gave us hovercraft and flyers (if you have the money, there are some very ep VII flyers out there. Batman and James Bond gave us smaller listening equipment, smaller recording equipment and stuff. Superman Introduced us to holograms. Eureka! Gave us what we are “smart drones” and lab-grown meat. Twilight introduced us to plastic surgery is common so we can have the same as everyone else Features of . Blade Runner g

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