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(Popularity Rate: 80 ) While sorting through a deceased person’s possessions, what is the most disturbing thing you found?

nd first:
My father had only one sibling: A much younger brother (thanks to the intervening years of WWII).
My uncle was always the black sheep of the family, and an odd one. He was racist, but dated a black woman for a while. He was a bigot, but once brought a Jewish friend over to our place for Christmas. He was clearly a “beforeâ€?photo in a print hair product ad, but insisted he was the “afterâ€?photo.
He was married for a while, but he and his wife (who was rather unpleasant herself) had an extremely nasty divorce, and his wife eventually won sole custody of their one child.
They lived a couple hours drive away, and we’d visit him at least a couple times a year before the divorce. One of the things he was proud of was his big screen rear projection TV. My brother and I would watch movies he recorded off of cable whenever we visited (sometimes trying to ignore the shouting matches between my uncle and his wife in the background).
After my uncle’s divorce, he’d visit us at least once a year (on Christmas). At first, he’d bring his son (my cousin), but later came on his own when he was restricted to supervised visits. My cousin was always ill-behaved, and he and my uncle would wear the same clothes (one year, both showed up in camouflage outfits). Whenever my uncle would start badmouthing his ex within earshot of my cousin, my parents would tell him to shut up. Eventually, his ex-wife got sole custody, changed her name, and we have no idea where she or my cousin are to this day.
My uncle wouldn’t let us visit him at the smaller house he moved into after the divorce.
When my grandmother in Germany died, my mother and uncle flew there to settle the estate. He took some things that were meant for us, including an antique cabinet, my father’s own 1950s comic book collection, and (something my father wanted back) my father’s old movie magazine collection. My uncle physically intimidated my mother into letting him take all of the above. She was too frightened to protest. Whenever my uncle visited us, my father would ask about our property that was still in his custody. My uncle would deny having the cabinet, and say the comics and magazines were possibly in boxes he hadn’t had a chance to go through yet. And, no, we couldn’t visit and look through his boxes ourselves.
When my uncle died (he had a heart attack when he was working on restoring his cheap old Mercedes at a garage), we finally got to see where he had been living alone for the past 10 or so years. The mystery of why we weren’t allowed to visit him was solved. The place was a nightmare.
It looked like a nice enough townhouse from the outside, but the first room inside was a living room with a floor almost completely covered with piles of VHS tapes â€?there were hills of plastic all over, consisting of either used tapes he bought from Blockbuster or blank tapes with movies recorded on them. There was a (dirty) comfy chair, and the same rear-projection TV my brother and I watched movies on as kids (now very outdated technology). When we tried it, the picture on it was barely visible. We couldn’t see how watching his films on it could be all that enjoyable. He didn’t have a DVD player, although they were becoming pretty standard by then.
The antique cabinet we were supposed to inherit from my grandmother, which he claimed not to have, was there too, piled with VHS tapes (mostly his VHS collection of Star Trek TNG). The cabinet my grandmother was so proud of was all scratched up, dirty and in poor condition. It was one of the things we left for the landlord to sell off, to offset what would no doubt be large cleaning costs.
Lying around the kitchen were numerous garbage bags filled with trash, some containing milk that was months out of date. Some of the food in the fridge was moldy.
The bathroom was piled with junk. Everything was covered in mold. He had placed a tiny mat in the bathtub where he obviously stood to take showers �the rest of the tub was covered in mold.
In fact, all the rooms were full of bags of garbage, boxes of papers and other items, and some items just lying around. You could barely move around. It was like the house had little islands where he spent his life when he wasn’t at the garage, like the bed, the chair in the living room (where he’d watch tapes on his crappy old TV), a small chair and table in the kitchen, the mat in the bathtub, etc.
The rent was paid until the end of the month, so my parents and I (I had time off from school) took some time to go through everything and see what if anything could be salvaged. My father found his old movie magazines. I found a really old issue of Detective Comics that through years of abuse had turned into a falling apart, moldy rag, and that’s it.
My father went through all my uncle’s old papers. The many documents, including reports from social workers, letters from his son’s school, letters from both partiesâ€?lawyers, court documents, etc, all built up an extremely depressing picture.
My uncle, for example, accused his ex-wife of shacking up with criminals and drug dealers. He also made accusations of at least one boyfriend sexually abusing my cousin. For example, there were pictures supposedly drawn by my cousin suggesting his mother had sex or took drugs in front of him, and that he was touched inappropriately by one man. Did my cousin really draw those himself, or was he coached into drawing them? We have no idea. From reports, they had been shown to social workers, etc, but they never found cause to take my cousin away from his mother. We doubted the mother was entirely innocent �we saw what a hateful, vindictive person she could be �but drug abuse and sexual abuse? We had no idea what was fact and what was fantasy, but have little doubt my uncle believed at least some of it.
We do know that my uncle put my cousin through some emotional and psychological abuse himself (which is why he lost all visitation rights). Here’s a report from my cousin’s school about how whenever my ex-aunt dropped him off for class, my uncle would show up later, drag him out of class, and insist on changing him out of clothes his mother (the ex-wife) had dressed him in. Here’s a letter from the school, banning my uncle from entering the premises due to the distress he was causing his son. Etc.
Here’s a mini-tape recorder and tapes of phone conversations, and meetings where you can only understand the occasional word because, we assume, my uncle recorded the meetings secretly.
There were also documents showing he had at least contemplated taking his son out of the country, e.g. researching which countries would not return his son to Canada.
The only thing we know for certain is this: My cousin went through some horrible experiences, and was caught in the middle of a war between two very selfish, immature people.
It must have been hell for my father to go through these documents. My brother and I grew up despising my uncle as a pathetic creature. But to my poor father, it was his baby brother whom he still loved despite his faults. It was shattering for him to see all this evidence of my uncle’s mental deterioration. He also had fond memories of holding my cousin when he was still a baby, so seeing what he went through would also have hurt. My father loved kids and was always great with them.
My father also dug up my uncle’s will and any other records he could. My mother was named executor. Everything was left to my parents, and his wife explicitly excluded. My parents hired a lawyer to settle the estate, knowing that my uncle’s ex would likely be hostile. Their intention was to ensure the ex was informed, and to give her and my cousin a share of the estate.
The police got into contact with my uncle’s ex-wife, who refused to speak to any of us. She was predictably only interested in claiming as much of the estate as she could. And she asked for some astronomically ridiculous amount â€?something like $1 million from an ex who no longer owned any property, hadn’t worked for ages, and had spent almost all of his money on legal bills and quack treatments for heart problems.
The most valuable item in the estate was a scholarship plan my uncle had saved up for my cousin. Excepting a small payout, the money he invested into it could only be claimed by my cousin if he was actually accepted into university. My parents considered it to belong to my cousin. I have no idea if my cousin made use of the scholarship, or if his mother claimed the payout and ran.
After legal fees? The estate was pretty much nothing but the scholarship and what was left in his bank account. Despite her being cut out of the will, I think my parents also paid a bit out of pocket to my ex-aunt just to get it over with.
The Mercedes my uncle was working on when he died? It was a worthless, ugly piece of crap. My parents wound up giving it away to an elderly neighbour who was a really great guy but a bit of a hoarder and collector of junk himself, so he could at least drive it the short distance to town to buy groceries (all the hunk of scrap metal was good for).
My father (now deceased) never got to see his nephew again, or even talk to him on the phone to ask how he was doing. My cousin made no attem

(Popularity Rate: 19 ) Is the horror movie “Annabelle” (2014), based on a true story?

Check this out!
Many years ago, a mother buys her daughter a doll to bring with her to college. I guess so she has something that makes her think about home and to comfort her.
The girl of course brings the doll with her to college and places it in a chair of some sort. In the dorm room.
One day, when the girl and her roommate came home they met a sight they would have never unbelievable sexy pictures imagined could be true.. The doll had moved.. the girls were the only ones with the key to the room.. Who or what moved the doll?
Well the girls didn’t think much about it and put the doll back in the chair and forgot about it.
The next day the girls, have to run some errands.
They come back later that day. And once AGAIN! The doll had moved?
But not just a little bit.. the doll was in a completely different room�:-O
Again no one had access to the room.!
Very mysterious and creepy..
Anyway some time passes, and the girls keep on experiencing creepy things in the apartment.
One night the girl and her roommate came home to find the doll laying in her bed.. COVERED IN BLOOD.. nobody knows whose blood?
It seemed like the blood came from the doll!
Anyway the girls had had enough. They called experts and had them look at the doll for them.
They called the local famous couple (Ed and Lorraine warren) depicted in “the conjuringâ€?
They determined that the doll was no ghost. But possessed by an evil demon?
The couple agreed to get rid of the doll for them. They put it in a bag.. and began the drive home.. But here is where it got weird.. when they drove home. The engine kept going out, the power steering kept failing? :-O
Even the brakes gave them trouble..
They sprayed the doll with holy water. And it stopped.. (for a while)
Then she began doing weird things again. And they called in a priest to help them..
He looked at the doll and said “you’re just a doll. You can’t hurt anybodyâ€?He was trying to confront the demon, and explain to it. That it didn’t belong here. And that they weren’t afraid of it.
That was a mistake, on the way home, he crashed in a horrible car accident. But survived..
Eventually the couple built a case for the doll.. where it’s still placed to this day.. you can even come visit it..
(The museum is in the warrens backyard.
It’s a part of their house. And the Annabelle doll has been there for many years.)
There was another incident during the time when the museum had guests come see the doll regularly.
Something strange once happened. Again something unexplainable.
A young couple visited the museum. They got the regular tour. And saw the different artifacts the warrens had collected from their many visits to strange houses.
On the glass cage where the Annabelle doll is protected in. (Or rather locked up to protect us!)
There is a sign that says “don’t touch the glass!â€?It’s strictly forbidden to touch the glass cageâ€?in case of a curse or whatever.
But the young couple didn’t care.. they touched the glass case. And laughed and pointed at the dollâ€?That was stupid.. on their way home.. (they were riding on a motorcycle) they crashed horribly.. the girl died instantly. And the guy was in a coma for 1 yearâ€? Sounds strange? It is!!
The case freaks me out.. and it’s when I read those things I start to question what’s real and what’s notâ€?if you don’t believe me you can read all this on google.. it’s easy to find..
I read somewhere that apparently the dorm-room where the girl lived. There was once a house, where a little girl died. And they think she is the one who possessed the doll.. but why she was evil no one knowsâ€?You can see Lorraine warren on YouTube in front of the doll in her museum talking about the doll. And refusing to even look at the doll. She says it’s the most evil thing to ever exist on this earth.
And it must never get out of the case.
Check out the video! She is clearly disturbed by the doll and has witnessed it’s evil past..
There is also a video where the doll has to be moved into a more secure case.
It’s kinda spooky to look at. The men are clearly scared of it.
And a priest regularly comes by to say prayers and holy water is sprayed in the room and the guy who moved the doll in the video wears massive gloves so he doesn’t have contact with the doll.
(No one can touch it with their bare hands!)
It’s extremely creepy!
All the videos are on YouTub

(Popularity Rate: 81 )

serve you faithfully. After school, I work in a Maid Café, where many other sweet animesex dollsserve not only the finest delicacies, but also sexual favors if our male customers so desire.’, “Don’t I look cute in my little uniform and short dress that fits my body so perfectly? I love this job! I am not only allowed to eat as many cupcakes as I like, no, I can also give additional pleasure to horny customers. If you come to our café and I catch your eye as a”, ‘real doll, you Teen Sex Dollcan book me for special services in a separate room.’, “I often serve tea and pastries and then a customer’s hand slowly slips under my skirt. I am always immediately turned on and I promptly notice how my”, ‘love dollp***y begins to get really wet. The customers love to play around with my wet p***y, while I continue to serve their orders professionally as their anime sex doll.’, unbelievable sexy pictures “The fun really starts in the other room. Because I am a good maid, I immediately fulfill all dirty wishes. My favorite customers are older gentlemen, because they are particularly sensitive and give me a generous tip. Most of the time, they pull me on their laps and start to take off my uniform piece by piece or f**k me directly in

love dolls

Love Doll

real doll

Real Doll

(Popularity Rate: 46 ) How do you deal with your girlfriend getting older in a serious relationship?

You’re getting younger I take it?
I suggest she dump your old bones and get herself a younger man much unbelievable sexy pictures more likely to be devoted to her older self and who accepts that she’s no longer 19 and loves her for it.
As for you I recommend an ageless sex doll from Real Doll or similar manufacturers: these ladies never age, won’t notice your grey hairs and Best Sex Dollsnever get any wrinkles.
Problem solved.

(Popularity Rate: 62 )

ers are available in my boutique. There is no off-the-rack clothing in my boutique. So, you can imagine that the clothes are bought by rich women or housewives with very rich husbands.”, “But men don’t just come into my boutique to do something nice for their wives; they like to treat themselves, too. It can take a little time before the ladies have decided what to buy. They are so distracted by their shopping frenzy that they don’t even notice that their husbands are having a good time with me.”, ‘Husbands just lack good sex and they get it from me. I know exactly what rich men want and need, and I give them a good seeing to. The more dominant men can do what they want with me and really let off steam. Many of them complain that their wives only very, very rarely want unbelievable sexy pictures sex and even then usually only want harmless vanilla sex in the missionary position. With me, you get everything you want and Chinese Sex Dollthat is often my hot ass.Are you also desperate because your wife hardly ever lets you in and when she does the sex leaves you unsatisfied? Then come to my boutique. From me, you will get everything you wish for â€?and you deserve it! Do you want me to suck your c**k until you cum? Do you want to f**k my ass from behind or do other dirty things with me? Then I look forward to meeting you!’, “If you want, we can have a glass of wine together beforehand. Of course, I serve the best champagne to the ladies in my boutique. However, I prefer to enjoy a good red wine by myself and I know what I am doing. Let’s do a little wine tasting together. This relaxes the mood

(Popularity Rate: 100 ) What product is insanely popular but is actually total crap?

e is a risk that said person will send it out to everyone they know, or post it on a porn site.
I also understand that in today’s day and age, storing anything in the Cloud, or in an unprotected folder can result in data, hacking and people browsing through your phone to gain your personal information.
There are risks to keeping so many private things on a cell phone you take everywhere and everyone needs to be aware of these risks and know what steps to take to protect themselves.
That being said, I am constantly surprised by the enthusiasm and celebration that erupts when it becomes known that someone’s privacy has been violated and their sensitive videos and images have been leaked without their permission.
We have seen it happen numerous Black Sex Dolltimes. There was the “fappeningâ€?where high profile celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence had their nude images hacked and then released to the public via social media. There was also a hack of the WWE women’s division, where several female athletes had their videos and images released.
There was also a teacher who was fired, after a student found her phone and then sent a private photo of her to other students in the class. She was also accused of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, simply because said minor took her phone and browsed through her gallery without her knowledge.
Teacher loses job after student takes her phone, shares nude
A Teacher Could Face Charges After a Student Stole Her Phone and Distributed Her Nude Photos
In another case, a high profile Youtuber was appalled to find out that her ex-boyfriend had secretly recorded himself raping her while she was unconscious and that he had then posted the video onto several porn websites. Viewers expressed their discontent and disappointment in her for having a sex video leaked without her consent (not the mention the fact she was unconscious).
My story: Revenge porn changed my life
Even at a high school level, there were numerous cases where guys sent nude images they had received from girls, or guys would call their friends over when they received nudes from the girls they were dating and show them in order to brag about how hot the girl they are dating was.
To me, this has always been violating, disgusting and abhorrent behavior. When someone has not given their permission or consent for their nude images to be leaked and showed around I think it is a huge intrusion of their privacy.
Regardless, whenever high profile female celebrities have their nude images hacked and leaked to the world, people often respond by rejoicing and praising the hackers.
The “fappeningâ€?is still looked back on as a wonderful memory and cause for rejoice. Despite this fact, several female celebrities were humiliated when their photos were leaked. This was the way in which one of the women involved, found out that her boyfriend was cheating on her because he had numerous videos and nude images leaked, some of which showcased other women.
Other female celebrities were the victims of photoshopping, in which people pretended that these women had nude images when in reality they were either using look-alike models or doing somewhat realistic photoshop jobs. Arianna Grande and Selena Gomez were both victims of this during the fappening. They had no actual nude images leaked but people still released photoshopped images that made it look like they had and people believed it.
I’ve seen everyone from self-proclaimed male feminists to others look back at events like this fondly and make horn dog comments about how great it was. They completely lack empathy for the victims and appear to low-key approve of leaking private images of women, despite their public claims that they treat women with respect and decency.
If you celebrate women’s privacy being violated in such an upsetting and humiliating fashion, you do not treat women with respect and decency in my opinion, I don’t care what you have to say about it. I’ve stopped following and supporting numerous men here on Quora, just for the things I have seen them say in regards to events like the fappening.
When people bring up problems like this people often blame the victims for having nude images in the first place. They should have never taken a nude photo. They should have never had anything in the cloud, etc. They say the victims deserved it for essentially, not expecting to be hacked or to have their trust betrayed by someone they loved and trusted.
There are also very awful revenge porn sites where exes frequently post pictures of their ex-girlfriends.
On these sites, they will often take nude images that they received from their ex, post it with degrading and hateful comments, put the woman’s full name and address and invite othe

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