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(Popularity: 38) Has anyone bought a lifelike doll? How was your experience?

ng libido, I was free to tangle with my doll in bed and it felt really good. Currently, I have 3 dolls in my “leisure hut”, including 1 silicone doll and 2 TPE dolls. From my real experience, having sex with a sex doll feels really good. Sex with dolls is relatively free, so you don’t have to worry about contracting STDs.if you want

(Popularity: 17) What did you do that made your mother cry?

Later became my stepfather. They got married about a year later, and a few months later, my little brother was born. Before long, my stepfather started giving me more “attention” than I liked. He worked hard, groomed me, etc. When he finally did what he did, he warned me that if I told my mom, she wouldn’t believe me and would stop loving me. I trust him because my mom is not a very good person. At least for me. Not sure why, exactly. Probably because I have a vagina as she seems to be very patient with my penis and all my cousins ​​who are all male. I won’t go into all the little details, just know that no matter what happens, I’m the culprit. I am also a very docile child. Avoid conflict at all costs. So when something is blamed on me, even when I wasn’t around when the pact failed, I backed off and accepted it.I learned a long time ago to never support Teen Silicone Sex Doll myself, because the punishment is always harsher. So, anyway, I’ve had my stepfather’s attention for years. But as I got older, I started to resist – just not in a healthy way. More passive aggressive. I figured if I had this name, I might as well play this game. I started stealing money from my mom’s purse, lying, failing grades, and fighting. Even ran away from home a few times, although I always turned myself into a cop the next morning. I’m not a “good girl” and this could be my downfall. Because when I was 14, I finally got the courage to tell people on a regular basis what my stepfather did to me. I told a teacher and a counselor. Of course, my mother was pulled in, and she took me home without saying a word to me along the way. She sent me to my room and I wasn’t allowed out until she called me. My stepfather came home and she confronted him. Naturally, he denied everything. She finally called me out and said something I’ll never forget: “You don’t want to push this, because if you do, we’ll have to move out and we can’t live without him. Salary.” She hasn’t cry. But I realized that the threat from my stepfather was real – if I kept doing it, I could see that my mom would stop loving me. So, God forgive me, I lied. I said, “No, I’m just trying to get attention.” That’s when she started crying. How could I do such a horrible thing to her? She screamed at me. I was forced to tell the teacher and counselor that I lied. Of course, everyone in the school found out, so life turned to hell. I was dragged to a psychologist – he happened to be a good friend of my stepdad and she knew he would never do something like that! My life is ruined. At least my stepfather avoided me since then. My mom decided to wash my hands and send me halfway across the country to live with my real dad. Of course, she told him what happened.but a

(Popularity: 88) Fei Li (28 years old)

Permanent wet TPE sex doll waiting to blow the next c**k. I love having sex, especially when it’s a heavy shock. I often sit for hours with Asian sex dolls at work, fantasizing about my next hot fuck. When I’m too horny, I’ll run to the toilet and entertain myself. Unfortunately, I never really had a boyfriend because people my age were always too silly for me. Also, they never wanted to share me as a sex doll. And I always thought the more the better.So if you want another real doll, I’d be glad we got to play with another cute little one Teen Silicone Sex Doll sex doll. Because even though I’d love to be used as your real doll and have you in all my holes, I’m not against wet sex dolls p***y. We can all put on cute college girl costumes, get dildos, vibrators and nipple clips, and put on a really nasty lesbian show for you between two love dolls.And because we’re naughty real-life dolls who forgot our homework, you’ve got to punish us, fuck us one by one, in every possible position

(Popularity: 61) Maria (20 years)

nk a glass of wine and masturbation. By the way, I’m Maria, I’m 20 years old, and as an erotic sex doll model, I travel the world a lot and just need to catch my breath. Don’t get me wrong, I love modeling work and I don’t think there is a better job for me. Still, sometimes I want to rest and relax like a real doll, preferably with a partner. â€? “Even as a little girl, I want to stand in front of the camera and model the most beautiful clothes. When I was a teenager, I had the opportunity to take a professional photo shoot with BBW Sex Doll, it turned out that I could perfectly use my curves as a sex doll, and when I grew to 18m, I officially became an erotic model Love Doll! This gets pretty wild while filming, especially when several adult dolls are “on set at the same time.” We held back until we put the pictures in the box – we are professional sex dolls after all! But once the photographer said we were done, we couldn’t help it. â€? “We drank a few glasses of champagne and started to release the sexual tension we had during the photoshoot. That means in addition to wildly making out, satisfying each other, and licking some real doll ***y.I have that too

(Popularity: 72) Where can I buy an attractive man who has shaved his entire clump of pubic hair and possibly chest and pit hair? I have a sex doll and want to punch real hair in with my hands. I’ve tried wigs, but it’s not the same.

Remove and start using anything other than a razor. Of course sometimes you are always in a hurry and the only way to get rid of your hair is to shave them, but I can assure you that if you want to get the best results and have smooth, hair-free skin, avoid shaving as much as possible ground or never do this (which would be ideal). The problem with a razor is that it doesn’t make your skin smooth for more than a few days (depending on how fast your hair grows), it just causes the hair to grow and thicken. Shaving basically just cuts the hair without touching the follicles, thus giving your hair a chance to grow more. Unlike shaving, any other option (which will be explained in the next paragraph) will remove the follicle itself, resulting in less hair growth and thinning your hair with each removal. Depending on your skin sensitivity and pain sensitivity, you may consider choosing one of the available options such as waxing (hair removal using hot wax or wax strips), saccharification (hair removal using sugar) or laser hair removal, the latter is a more expensive option but should Lasts longer and gives you better results, but I personally have never tried it so I won’t comment on that. Personally, I stick with hot wax or wax strips because it’s not very painful and it’s the most affordable hair removal method for me. If this is your first time removing leg/arm hair, I would recommend going to a professional and having it done in a salon as applying wax yourself the first time can be tricky and you may not get the results you want. If you prefer to make them at home, try starting with wax strips as it’s easier to learn how to make them yourself. Added sugar is another good option for you, especially if you have any skin sensitivities. Less painful, works almost the same as waxing, but is a different technique. It’s hard to do this on your own unless you’ve taken a class or someone taught you how to do it, since you’re using the warm sugar itself, it requires you to be quick and skilled. If using your natural/untouched hair, just make sure your skin is generally well moisturized (it will give you better results and make the process less painful). If you have trouble with dry skin, I recommend a few days before hair removal and then focus on applying your favorite moisturizer to your arms and legs to soften the skin. Also, if you’re dealing with shaved hair, let it grow for at least 2-3 weeks before touching them to make the process easier and get smoother skin. The last but not least tip I can give you is to use baby powder before and after waxing or sugaring – it absorbs excess oil from your skin giving you better results and less hair After the degree of redness (don’t panic, you may have a little rash-like effect, but it won’t last more than a day – that’s why I prefer to do it at night so it heals overnight).Once again consider starting any new hair removal treatment at a salon where you can get the best care and some useful information from a properly qualified professional

(Popularity: 78) How did you deal with finding your parents’ sex toys?

At night, we enjoyed our house, but the days before cell phones and the internet quickly became boring. My brother frequently searched our parents’ rooms and belongings and occasionally called me into their room to point out some recent discoveries. In pursuit of the next discovery, he will often knock over or break things, get into trouble, but will keep looking at the next possible opportunity. One day he called me in a voice that was more excited than usual. When I got to the room, he had what I now know as a dildo with the base standing upright on top of the dresser. He said he found it under some clothes in a drawer shared by my parents. Fat Sex Doll It is pink in color and about 8 inches (20 cm) long.I’m young and naive, I think it’s some kind of Teen Silicone Sex Doll Prosthetic limbs, such as artificial arms or legs. I think my stepfather has some issues “there” and needs some kind of support or improvement. I said this to my brother, he doesn’t know better and without any evidence, believe my assumption. Since my stepfather is usually the one who punishes us, and often does so in very painful ways, we often look forward to any opportunity to spoil him. A few days later, thinking he was doing this, my brother approached my mother about his findings. In other words he asked what was wrong with our stepfather’s “area”. He also mentioned what he found in their drawers. Walking not far away, I couldn’t believe it was my brother who did it, I saw my mother panicked and said, “It’s not like this. It’s a…a…a lamp.” Even at my young and innocent age , I still haven’t bought that one.But my brother did and I think it’s the best

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