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(Prevalence: 70) Is it safe to use tampons as butt plugs or just for vaginal stimulation? Also I’m too young to buy sex toys so if anyone has any DIY sex toys that would be great.

elp I will answer this question for you. I don’t recommend using tampons as a sex toy at all. The plastic applicator is nontoxic, but sharp enough to hurt you, and it’s weak and tiny. Using cotton inside your body can be toxic and harmful to your health. Drop the condom on whatever penis-shaped object you want and you’ve got a sex toy. Try cucumbers or carrots. If you don’t like food, use a shampoo bottle or hairbrush. Remember to use a condom, you never know how dirty something is or if someone has used it before you.A generation

(Popularity: 38) How do infectious disease doctors protect themselves from infectious diseases?

surgical mask). For the vast majority of diseases, following the protocol works. The main problem is that if an infectious disease isn’t diagnosed quickly and people don’t follow the correct protocols, it can spread. Thus, TB-infected patients misdiagnosed with community-acquired pneumonia (the latter requiring no special precautions) may transmit TB to healthcare providers due to lack of appropriate precautions.So the risk of id drs is usually

(Popularity: 47) Do narcissists stop coming back to you?

as a dry (or non) supply source. This is not going to happen until you are fully healed and whole and nothing they say or do will bother you anymore. It will take years to iron out all the damage and finally get to the place. If this is someone you have to contact, keep it to a minimum. Treat them like they’re someone you barely know but you really don’t care much about. The answer is short and simple. One word if possible. There is no sincere conversation. You can’t change them. They reflect your emotions, so show no emotion at all, and soon they will see you as a source of dryness. They’ll call your name first and stuff like that, maybe trash talk to anyone who wants to listen, but when you walk away, it doesn’t matter because you know they don’t have any control over you anymore. Yeah! If it’s someone you don’t have to have any relationship with. Go without contact. 100% completely prevent him/her from leaving your life. Be wary of mutual friends and even some relatives. Many will become flying monkeys. If this is a violent vicious narcissist (like my third husband), this step of not connecting would be dangerous. But you’ve realized that you either die in your marriage or you die trying to escape. If that’s the case and you can move, move! Long story short, I went through 2 years of trying as hell before I finally made it and got a divorce. Meanwhile he stalked me, made death threats at my job, broke into my apartment, installed a tracking device in my car and blew up my phone at 10pm when he realized it Still at the dealership, apparently I’ve traded it (so it must be expensive). This is just a small part of what he put me through. I got a protection order and he violated 4X the same day the judge ordered it and handed it to him in court. Orders mean nothing to him. The DA advised me (if possible) that I quit my job and move out of state (which I did). Then she started making charges against him. He was given probation, one of his flying monkeys (my relative) told him where I was, and he moved back to my hometown. Did I get rid of him? No. I don’t want him to stop until he finds another supply that can replace me. But I don’t think he’ll find one anytime soon because he’s so pissed off (he didn’t belittle and dump me – I left him – it’s not allowed in his mind). He knew exactly what he would do to me if I left him. I do have a protective order and I’m fully armed. I have a concealed weapons license. Meanwhile, I am still alive. I don’t let this rule my life.I hope the future doll is your case

(Popularity: 47) Is it a good idea to give your husband a sex doll when your libido has dropped significantly?

Only if you wish to distance yourself from the intimacy of that part of his life. You can, sexy annabelle Alternatively, talk to an endocrinologist to see if there is anything you can do to address your sagging excitement. I suspect that anyone who asks this question has found emotional distance and loss of intimacy to be acceptable aspects of marriage.

(Popularity: 71) What’s the craziest masturbation sex toy you’ve ever used?

my orgasm. I usually use toys designed for anal stimulation.I have used various sexy annabelle Vegetables that have the shape of a penis or can be drilled with holes: carrots, cucumbers, zucchini and squash. I also found that, at room temperature, a piece of delicious fat intestines felt very much like a human penis. I also use “worm” for the sound. I love the urethra playing, usually with a metallic sound, which means the Mese Dollbe is inserted into the penis. But I have found that rubber worms sold at sporting goods stores or at Walmart are used by fishermen as bait for fishing.after washing

(Popularity: 15) Misaki (24 years)

their sex life from the start. Some people know that there is something lurking in them. But they don’t know what exactly. I will help you find out what cravings and secret desires you have. Do you have secret sexual preferences that no one is allowed to know? You can trust me! “,”, “I have a very strong sexual need. Infinite desire for sex! I know very well the various passions and fetishes that many men have. I even shared many of them. I have studied the Kama Sutra several times! Some positions are not easy to do. But I still want to work through the whole Kama Sutra. Don’t you want to do that too? This can be very exciting. “,”, “I’m looking for a man who is willing to live a fulfilling life with me who will provide me with his c**k so I can share my experiences with him. You won’t believe I can use What does my tight little ass do. How I want to milk you right now. I will take good care of you in any case. â€? ”, “My friends say I’m not only a good sexual psychologist, I’m also a good cook. I just love to cook. Just imagine how hot it would be if I was standing in the kitchen with only my apron on, cooking you something delicious and you fucked me from behind. I have to admit I sting a little bit at the thought. “,”, “I not only like to cook, but also to exercise. I am also very flexible. This should be a real advantage for us when we do Kama Sutra.I hope you are just as keen to try

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