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(Popularity Rate: 47 ) Who loved Strawberry Shortcake dolls and/or the show as a child?

. The 2003 show had the girls riding horses, playing sports, going to the beach, traveling to paris or china, going to space, learning to play a trumpet or guitar, hiking in the woods, ect. It also had five girls of color, where as Berry Bitty Adventures has two, and one of them is paler than her original look. The kids in 2003 wore jeans, hoodies, overalls, tracksuits, and sweatshirts like a real kid would. I recently rewatched some of the episodes, and it is quality entertainment with wholesome messages that I would show my kids. The dolls were also cuter when they were made by Bandai, they had the look of an actual kid, similar to what the Lottie Brand dolls are doing today. I had most of the characters, but not Crepe Suzette or Peppermint Fizz sadly, as Crepe hadn’t come out with a doll yet and Peppermint was only sold in brazil. Besides our leading

(Popularity Rate: 72 ) What should I do if my boyfriend says he needs a 2.5k sex doll (that he can sneak into restaurant bathrooms since I won’t, his words) to “be happy?”

lings. You saying no because you would feel uncomfortable with bathroom fun as it isn’t your kink is ok. If needs needs to come up with another solution for his happiness that is also ok.
As for the sex doll, I’d be looking at the situation in terms of can this expense be afforded and how does this work with the household budget? In my case my partner and I pool or money then pay ourselves an allowance for fun money. Bills and household expenses come out of the pool. Individual fun things, like a sex doll, comes out of our fun money. This would mean saving up the money.
How you both structure your expenses might be different.
Personally my partner and I don’t have an issue with each other satisfying ourselves or our kinks so long as we aren’t introducing more people into the relationship (aka cheating). I wouldn’t have a problem with the doll.
But I’m not you and your might not like this. That is perfectly fine. What you would now need to consider is whether you want to date a guy who wants to buy a sex doll and have public relations with it. If not then the two of you are fundamentally incompatible. This unfortunately might mean breaking up and you in future dating people who have no interest in restroom sex or sex dolls, and as for your boyfriend I’d advise him to date people with a similar kink.
Now if he is making this comment in an attempt to provoke and make you change your no from a yes then I suggest run away. That’s manipulative and not ok. Manipulation is disrespectful and can be considered abusive. As I said, you are n

(Popularity Rate: 79 ) How do I sell sex toys on Amazon?

side, I love a good problem and your question immediately jumped out at me. I recently worked with a client to sell a t-shirt design, that had both bad language and some pretty intensely vulgar imagery.
I know how frustrating it can be to not be able to rely on traditional advertising methods, and honestly, there aren’t many educational platforms or online resources that can even guide you in the right direction when embarking on a project like this. So it’s hard to determine where to start.
May I ask:
How long has your website been up and running?
What’s your current monthly unique traffic?
What channels are your current site visitors coming from?
I ask these questions because if you are a brand new site with little-to-no traffic, I’d suggest a different strategy than if you were semi-established with consistent sales.
Either way, this sounds like a really fun company to market! Please feel free to reach out to me in private if you don’t want to disclose your site data, but don’t hesitate to reach out- I’ll happily provide you some pointers.
In the meantime, here are some ideas off the bat..
Manufacture a custom product and tie it to an influencer: tie it to an up and coming porn star and slap his/her name on it. Give them majority of the profits from sales, you’re not trying to make money off this specific activation, you’re trying to drive traffic and create repeat customers. I’d be willing to bet the average customer buys more than one product on your site.
Sell 1 product cheaper than anyone else on the internet: sell something cheap, at break-even. Think about the mechanics that draw people in with, “Free Oil Changeâ€? only then to up-sell them on every problem you ever feared your car would experience- but less maniacal. My first thought was to do it with condoms but realistically that might bring up some quality concerns from potential customers, so maybe lube? Think about yourself as a retail store, if you were a retail outlet- what cheap items would you put on display at the register? These are the items you want to sell at break-even to draw in potential customers. Once a customer has bought from you once (no matter how little they spent) they are much sex robot technology stocks more likely to make another purchase from you- and if they’ve already put in their billing/shipping info you may just become the convenient choice for them.
Release a free eBook OR video series: base it around one of your product categories, or perhaps do one book around each product category. I.e. “Beginners Guide to Couples Bondageâ€? run through all the positions and errrhh ummm whatever else it would include, and make sure to put as many of your products in there as possible, linking out to your store and including a discount code for people who have downloaded the eBook. Promote this eBook on social media, and on your website, but make sure to only give it out in exchange for an email.
Start a blog: increase your SEO ranking, rate products and list them. i.e. 10 Best Lubes on A Budget, 10 Best Lubes for Sensitive Skin, 5 Ways to Spice Up Your Relationship, Why You Need to Try This Sex Toy Now, etc.
Advertise on other sites in your industry: there are a huge amount of porn sites on the internet, hell maybe even more than any other kind of site. Take out some banner ads (I hate banner ads but we’re working with limited resources given the nature of the product). Just reach out to their business email and ask for a quote a months placement.
Sponsor some cam girls: build an affiliate army of cam girls. Pay them very generous commissions and gamify the sponsorship. Maybe if their viewers spend X dollars using their affiliate code they unlock some sort of reward? I’m not super familiar with the webcam girl scene but I have extensive experience in Twitch streaming which at the end of the day is pretty damn similar (in business mo

(Popularity Rate: 65 ) How can silicone sex toys be kept free from lint and dust?

d water and air-drying them is sex robot technology stocks essential as well. If it doesn’t have a vibrator inside (or if the vibrator can be removed) washing them in the Chinese Sex Dolldishwasher works very well.
Silicon sex toys are made with varying amounts of silicon composite a

(Popularity Rate: 22 ) Have you visited Robert the Doll who is said to be cursed? Do you think his curse is real or just a myth? Have you been “cursedâ€?by him?

ever messed with magic or even researched it prior to this event)
About a year ago, I made this “online friendâ€?on twitter who I enjoyed talking to. She is what you would call “twitter famousâ€?being that she has thousands and thousands of followers, and had a seemingly great, funny personality. She always posted “jokinglyâ€?about being a witch and casting spells on people, but I never took any of that seriously. She did very often post her crystal collection, but I thought nothing of it.
One day, I posted something funny on twitter, something in reference to a Spongebob meme, (because I love spongebob y’all, who doesn’t)
Well, this girl, we will call her R, went ballistic claiming I copied her post, and started posting and tweeting repeatedly how she was going to hex me. She deleted me off her friends list and I was like, well�.ok.
Like I said, she continued posting things like “this b*tch always copies me!!!â€?and all of her followers were replying things such as, “Hex that b*tch!â€?and so on. (When seriously guys, I truly did not even mean to copy her in any way. I didn’t even notice she had posted something similar earlier that day)
I thought nothing of it, and let me emphasize again that I had never, EVER played with or researched magic, crystals, spells, anything of that prior to this happening.
A week later I started hallucinating every single day and having extremely odd delusions. I ruled that out to it having to be caused by my bi-polar medication I am on and thought nothing of it.
A week after that, I started getting nightmares so terrifying that I had to sleep with my parents for 3 weeks straight. Every single nightmare had to do with me getting killed in a very gruesome or religious way. (And yes, I was 22 years old at this point and I had never been scared of practically anything in my entire life before this)
My psychiatrist prescribed me heavy sleeping pills, and yet the nightmares, night terrors, and sleep paralysis would not go away.
After the third week, my mom told me I needed to go try and sleep in my own room. I was hesitant but agreed. She asked what the doctor thought was causing the nightmares, and I just said he didn’t know.
That night, I fell asleep at about 1 am. It then felt like I had been lifted out of my body, and I saw this DISTURBINGLY clear image of R in her room, with crystals and lit candles around her. Her very distinct voice came on like a megaphone in my brain and she was repeating what sounded like a spell to me. She was repeatedly calling out for her “spirit guidesâ€?to guide her and inflict pain on me. (Again y’all, I had never even heard the term “spirit guideâ€?in my life – AND this girl lives over 1,000 miles away from me)
I was then in the middle of some gymnasium type building walking in circles. Raw eggs were growing out of the back of my mouth. And what I mean by this is, I literally felt eggs overflowing my mouth, nearly choking me. I was screaming for help and she was standing there pointing and laughing at me. This felt like an eternity, I was convinced I was in hell and this would never end.
Every time I thought they would stop coming out of my mouth, it would just begin again.
All of a sudden, her face, clear as day itself, hovered in front of me. It looked like I was looking at a still from a movie, it was THAT clear. I really cannot place enough emphasis on how clear her face was during all of this.
I then felt a stabbing, excruciating pain in both my ear canals and I am telling you, fellow Quora users, I am 300% sure I felt what it felt like to be electrocuted via electric chair. I had never felt such pain my entire existence. I began to lose all my senses. First my hearing, then my eyesight, then smell, then sense of touch.
I woke up suddenly at 4:00 AM on the dot, with my mouth bleeding from me having been scratching the back of it so hard during my sleep. I started to try and get dressed to take myself to the emergency room because my head hurt so bad I thought I was having a brain aneurysm. I was in such pain and shock I could not scream or cry. I did not want to wake my parents up though, because they would be extremely suspicious of me leaving the house at that time of the night�so I instead walked eerily slowly to my bathroom and sat in a hot bubble bath for 3 hours.
The next day on twitter, R started a live video and jokingly said to her viewers, “it’s weird guys, I feel like I have eggs in the back of my mouth!â€?I swear to each and every one of you that everyth

(Popularity Rate: 61 ) Why TPE dolls are the best?

some of the first cheap sex dolls made available to the public. It is basically a plastic balloon that has vaginal and oral openings (sometimes anal openings too) that you blow up into the vague shape of a woman before you have sex with it.
Inflatable dolls are notoriously cheap and unrealistic looking (so much so that popular culture considers them a sight gag. The major problem with inflatable dolls is that, while they are roughly the size and shape of a woman, they do not have realistic weight and they are of poor quality and finish overall.
Even with generous lubricant, the sex openings often have rough edges, which leads to a very poor experience. Inflatable sex dolls are also very easily damaged. They do Big Booty Sex Dollnot provide a fulfilling sexual experience and should not be used by anyone who is serious about what they are after when it comes to a sex doll.
Let’s talk about the TPE doll.
The TPE dolls always come with a metal skeleton with various joints. Most of the joints are flexible allowing you to change the position of your doll based on your desire. There are screw fixing holes within the joints and legs.
Carrying the doll around is a good idea but she may get heavy along the way due to the metals. You also need to take care of your dolls skeletal when engaging i

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