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(Popularity Rate: 60 ) Why does Japan fascinate weird westerners?

ause we don’t see them often and they are different from us. Many westerners already stand out from the rest of crowd because of their height , on top of Big Tits Sex Dollthat if they have blond hair and blue/green eyes they would stan

(Popularity Rate: 48 ) Where can I buy a real Bratz doll in 2022 in Canada for a good price under $50?

some dolls are probably not haunted, while others sex robot sex may be so. But I would err on the side of caution, and try to make sure I knew someone skilled in exorcisms of some sort, in case the doll was not only haunted, but what was in it was dangerous. I had never had a haunted doll experience personally, so when someone here at Quora asked about haunted dolls, I did some researching on the subject prior to writing on the topic at Quora. Some I learned were not haunted, just given that reputation by the owners, but there was one, whose eyes changed to a glowing green, that I beleive may be haunted. Since spirits can possess people, who already have their spirit in their bodies, it should be easier to possess houses and dolls, who have no spirit. Not all spirits are nice, others have issues you may not be ready to help them wit

(Popularity Rate: 47 ) What do you think is better, using a sex doll as a training/fitness device or masturbating with your hand while watching porn?

I tried many experiments but this one worked!
The Causes:
Try and analyse what triggers masturbation for you. For me it was :-
Being alone at home, believe me or not – Instagram (because of all the hot chicks i followed), Facebook even! (Im not including Porn here because I’m talking about triggers, if You are surfing porn, you have already being triggered!)
Lack of motivation : Same dull work, no excitement in life, same old tv series, same old habits.. everything was so dull that mastubation provided the daily shot of dopamine my brain so badly wanted.
Low self Esteem : I wanted to get fit, run longer, cycle faster but due to this terrible habit of fapping every day my body was devoid of energy, nutrients. My immune system was down the drain.. cold & cough were regular. Result of it all�Low Self Esteem (feeling good for nothing)
Not being around actual females : this may seem whack, but masturbation takes you away from natural females around you and makes you want the photoshopped Curvy babes on your screen. My addiction broke my confidence in dealing with real females in real life.
No Goals : Having no goals in life is equivalent to living life on auto pilot, You cant expect to change your life if you are not living it consciously!
Now the above analysis has being made over a long period of time, it is not easy to convince your brain that you are addicted to porn and masturbation, let alone tryng to figure out the root causes of it.. So what did I do to get rid of it all? here it is..
Setting the foundation for it : This may seem weird but I analyzed that whenever I masturbated 3� times in 12�6 sex robot sex hours (without sleep), I would develop a cold, feel weak as hell, want to continue sleeping, my stomach would be upset, feeling irritatable etc. So I would get through the day feeling like crap and finally get a good nights sleep!
But on the next day, due to my marathon masturbation session, I would not feel like masturbating again, maybe my body was just not up for it and my mind was still reeling under the shock of dopamine it got the previous day. My mind would be calmer, clearer and I could focus on other things!!
Then I went through my analysis and started keeping a firm watch on my triggers. because, without the triggers I could easily pass the day or even days without masturbation. (There have being days where I haven’t masturbated because I was to busy with something or just having a great time). So I checked on my triggers of :-
Being alone at home : I started running and cycling in the morning to tire out my muscles and at the same time provide my brain with the dopamine it needed in the morning. I downloaded Runkeeper / Strava so that i could record my running and cycling stats and try and improve on them. What also helped was sharing it with my friends and getting their appreciation, which made me happier and content that I was improving. I tried to go home as late as possible to allow myself little time to lapse, I would go window shopping, call up friends and meet them, eat outside everything to keep me from getting cosy at home.
Lack of Motivation : I uninstalled Facebook and Instagram and even thought of shifting to a black and white nokia phone for a while . My motto was :- Less of Smartphones = Less Triggers. Less Internet = Less triggers. There is an app/website called Meetup – where in I joined random meetups just to keep myself occupied. It actually was fun to meet new people and join in activities that I liked! It motivated me to improve my skills in the activities and work on my social presentation.
Low Self Esteem : Due to my almost regular running / cycling I managed to get my body in average shape, but even that much was good enough for me. As now atleast I had the energy to do things and not feel like a soulless zombie! I looked myself in the mirror and liked what I saw, I wasn’t ripped nor did I grow big Muscles but I looked fit and athletic and I didnt want to lose it (gave me another real reason to stop fapping). I started eating fruits, nuts and other nutritious things that helped my body becoming stronger still. I joined MMA nearby to learn how to fight and improve my body co-ordination.
Not being around actual females : Believe me, reality is totally different to the world we see on our screens, real women look quite different from the ones we see in porn. Their bodies are not that perfect either, but the feeling of real female attention, the feeling of flirting with someone can never be replaced by plain simple masturbation. Having joined various meetups and having a fit body gave me the confidence and opportunity to meet new females. Once You start becoming closer to some of them You will want to become even more stronger, more skilled, more sexier to get their appreciation and outdo the other guys. (Keep the competition Best Sex Dollshealthy no one wants a bragging idiot with them) Think of the females as butterflies and yourself as an exotic flower. Your fragrance shall attract them automatically to you!
No Goals : Its very difficult to keep long term goals when you cant even stop yourself from playing with yourself every morning.. I started off with small goals like : Reading Books – I joined a book library and paid a certain amount as monthly fees, the plan allowed me to borrow as many book as i wanted but one at a time, so i challenged myself to read as many books as possible during the month. I targeted running 5kms at a stretch, then 7km, then 9km and finally 10km! Making sure I recorded all my runs in the apps so i could push myself to improve and achieve my target. I started learning about the stock market, wanting to invest my salary and savings and make them grow. I started dreaming about owning a Cruise motorcycle one day (And i wanted that day to be as soon as possible)
All of the above was a plan but I was able to execute it only because I of my marathon masturbation session which cleared my head of any urges for 2� days. During which I got a headstart on my goals and never looked back. Its not like I dont masturbate anymore but having abstained from it for long periods of time makes me realize that its not really worth it in the end and I have many better much better things to do in life than fall into that pit again.
Basically to sum it up in one line :
“I got rid of my addiction by keep

(Popularity Rate: 16 ) Will you buy a sex doll to satisfy your sexual demand if the technologies is advanced enough to customize it to your dream mate with AI and automation, and, will be ready whenever you turn it on, but would never bother you once you turn it off?

I’ve thought about this, and I’d probably like to try it once, but that would mean renting one, and how gross is that? It’s just not the same in my opinion as being with someone real, so I’d rather do without. And what do you with it when your notâ€? You know â€?using it? I just wouldn’t feel right stuffing â€?her”in a closet.

(Popularity Rate: 49 )

a”, ‘sex doll’, “who likes it really hard. Everyone thinks I’m the shy little girl next door. If only they knew what I can do as a real doll and above all how much I love it when all my pleasure holes are filled! Oh, I haven’t introduced myself yet! My name is Kagami and I am 20 years old.”, “The men I know bore me and I firmly believe that they don’t deserve a sex doll like me. Because they’re all wet behind the ears, I like real men, like 40+ and with a little tummy. I need a guy who can tell me, his”, ‘love doll’, “, what to do and who I can be in bondage to. I wouldn’t be able to take a man my age seriously. “, “I have a lot of sexual preferences and at the same time I’m really open to my owner’s wishes. As a”, ‘premium sex doll, I just love trying new things and having orgasms in a variety of ways. Personally, I love PVC and leather on sex robot sex my gentle love doll skin. Is there anything hotter than a tight silicone dress that only just covers my vagina and tits? We can also Fat Sex Dolltry out some sex

(Popularity Rate: 43 ) Are there any books or stories that are similar to Love of Seven Dolls by Paul Gallico?

er berth with him. He will, of course, help you.”
“Yeah. sure!” Mishti said while rolling her eyes.
“If some boy, of course, he will. You are so pretty after all,” she said chuckling waving Mishti a goodbye.
“Let see.” She waved back.
Mikesh saw the girl passing and smiling looking at the other girl her face was not visible from where Mikesh was standing but, now he knows her name.
Mikesh while listening to their conversation was upset the way the other girl laughed and said that she can have any boys seat as her friend, Mishti, whoever she is, is beautiful. That’s an absurd thing to say and it raged him.
He dragged his suitcase away from that girl raging the way they were talking.
“Huh…like everyone is dying to see her friends beautiful face.”
“Huh…Like I care!” He raised his maroon framed glass matching his marron shirt neatly fitted black trousers and pointy black shoes.
A gentleman he looked rising like a cloud in fuming anger on a girl who is damn pretty like a raindrop.
His Pastel pink Trolley bag riding on perfect wheels; gliding as fast as it could as the train was here and train’s coach was a little far away. Someone, maybe some girl, or the same girl he just saw from behind was walking alongside him, he could see from the corner of her eyes, it did not bother him and keep walking.
His steps were fast as they could; the wheels of his trolley rolling and rolling as it could. And suddenly in between of a rushed platform on that Saturday evening, his trolley bag decided to slide leaving his hand away from him but not far away and hit the person walking alongside him.
BOOoooMmm!! Right on her blue trolley bag.
And between the midst of his collision, the running world around stopped. Stopped for Pastel pink Blue collision for a few seconds.
It was the same girl. The pretty girl. Holding her blue bag. Waring denim Kurti a shade bright than her bag, white bottoms and a belt tying her narrow waist. A curl on her forehead waved in motion with her rolling eyes looking at Mikesh and the crash landing he did.
“I have no time for this right now.” She said
Mikesh frowned as I have.
They held their bag and keep walking till they reached 2Ac coach of Mumbai Howrah mail.
She carried her language on the train, he waited for or her to walk so he could put his bag too and not collide with her.
The moment they enter into the train both took a sigh of relief when the cold breeze of air conditioner hit them.
“Now, I will straight my legs and sleep. just sleep.” she thought.
She stopped walking for a second dreaming about the cold breeze.
Mikesh who was walking behind her looked at her curled hair on her shoulders wondered- Are they waving with the breeze or the way she moves. Coiled hairs black, brown and few had the shade of red that shined under the light. It bounced with air and he smiled looking at them
At one point he chuckled like a baby and the girl in front stopped moving and their bags BOOooMmm…collided again. She looked behind at him.
The man who was walking behind them tired of looking at these two walk dreaming people shouted from behind- “Madam, Sir, move ahead, let’s find ours sits. you husband wife can look each other later.”
“We are not anything like that” Mikesh almost shouted.
They moved forward. It was her seat the side upper berth and his side lower berth.
He placed his luggage below his sit.
She checked her sit something in brown cover was occupying the whole seat. “What is this?” she cried in agony.
Mikesh who was now adjusting his water bottle in that round space above the window.
“These are pillow and cushions for the whole train.”
“I can see that. why on this seat?”
“How would I know?”
“I am not asking you. I am just talking to myself.”
One coil from her curl stared at him in annoyance and then when her phone rang. The voice on the other side asked did you exchange your sit?
“Is there some boy in the below seat?”
” Yes,” ask him nicely with a smile he won’t reject it.”
Mikesh can hear the voice behind it recalled her of the girls giggling on the platform.
His anger fumes came back bouncing out of his head I am not gonna give her my seat they think boys are some stupid creatures.
Mishti asked Mikesh if he could look for Tc.
“Should I ?” he asked.
“Yeah. Okay. can you look at my luggage then? ”
She didn’t ask till now about exchanging sits. Let’s see how much she is gonna act before asking that.
TC came and said, ” Madam this luggage will be cleaned in an hour. You can sit here. Sir will adjust a little.”
“Should I?”He wanted to spread his legs to get some good sleep when TC interrupted him.
“Let her seat.”
“You can spread your legs if you want I will sit in this corner,” Mishti said.
Okay, he took one pillow rested his head, stretched his legs a little more, making space for her to sit. He closed his eyes and smiled in peace when the cool breeze touched his face.
And Mishti sitting in the corner of the sit quite comfortably though looked at his stretched legs and thought if she could do it too.
She sits in her place and started feeling sleepy. Every time Mikesh closes his eyes; he feels guilty for stretching his legs and let her just sit alone. He raised the white sheet from his face and looked at her. She was sleepy. Her eyes slowly getting close and the curled hair earlier which was waving with the cold breeze was swaying on her forehead. It was bothering her and now him too. He kept gazing at her thinking about the conversation he heard on the platform, her friend was right she is pretty but I couldn’t let her have my sit. I just couldn’t this is so wrong on girls sides. But she has not even asked you to for the seat she is sitting whatever is available to her.
He was feeling guilty. He wanted to take that bag place it aside and make her hands free so that she can side that curly coil of hair from her forehead which was bothering her or he wanted to do it himself.
could he do that or not? He thought about it for a while.
The train took a jerk when her sleep broke,” what just happened?” she yelled and the minute she awoke he took his eyes off her to outside the window.
“Nothing, nothing still my seat is not empty.?”She asked in disappointment.
“You can place your legs here from the side if you want.”He said calmly looking outside the window again.
She beamed and chuckled “thank you.” He smiled back.
“You smile too Maroon frame?”
“My name is not Maroon frame.
“Mikesh? from Permanent roommates? Have you watched it?”
“He is so cool.”
“He always makes mistakes what is so cool about him.?”
“Everything.” She giggled.
“I want to say something. I want to clear something.”
“What?” She gazed her big eyes at him and the coil of curl stared at him too.
“Nothing, nothing”
He was listening to music and she was reading something humming on the beats on her phone.
She looked at him, “why are you dressed so formally are you going for some meeting?”
“Formally I am not wearing any tie. so how formal?”
“Oh…I see. Tie means formals.”
“Okay…It seems like all Mikesh in the worlds are equally cute.”
He smiled. Even he tried not to. But he did.
Every time he smiles he thinks back about the conversation of exchanging sits. He thinks she wants just to exchange seats.
And all his joy ran out of the window.
They shared tea she told him about the snowy paths in Finland from the book she is reading.
They had a usual conversation about everything.
And then Mishti said, “I want to ask you something.”
His heart pounded the minute she will ask him for seat everything will be ruined. All beautiful will be soiled into grounds. He did not want that. He wants it to be as beautiful as it is. Like now, like ever, forever till the journey ends.
“What happened Mikesh?”
“Can I ask you something.”
“Yes. ” Mikesh said holding his breath.
“Did I ask your name ?”
“Yes,” he replied.
“But you didn’t ask my name. You are not even a bit interested in me. This is rare the minute I sit somewhere people keep trying to all over me. You are different.”
He smiled. In relief
She smiled. Looking at his sweetness.
“I am Mishti. I am going home.”
“I am going to a friends marriage for a day.”
“Just one day?”
“Have you ever been to Kolkata before?”
“then in one day. You don’t want to see my city?”
“I want to” he smiled looking at her worried face.
A man came slowly unloaded all the luggage.
“Look my seat is free now, I should go now.”
Then a girl in her twenties came to Mikesh.
Bhaiya will you exchange your sit with me. Please.
“Are you hurt in the leg or something.?” Mishti asked her.
Yeah a little bit in my leg
“I saw you were jumping here and there on the platform too. how could you leg be injured?”
“Don’t you lie little girl.”
“There is any old granny on my next seat. she is snoring all the time.”
Is he booked a ticket to hear her snore instead of you and you are lying again? Say the truth.”
“I want to talk to my boyfriend and granny stares at me every time I pick his call.” The girl said.
“Are you here to talk to him?”
“No didi.”
“Text him and ask him to not call and disturb co-passengers.”
“Sorry, Bhaiya for disturbing you.”
“Hey please don’t be offended. She does not want to scold you.”
” but she did. I understand Bhaiya. Your wife is so strict.”
“My wife…” This time he smiled gently and repeated in his head “My wife.”
They slept peacefully. In the moving train on their own seats with comfort and the whole night, he couldn’t stop smiling.
Next morning
Next morning about 7.30 train was about to reach the station journey was about to end. He didn’t want to get off the train and she, well she was smiling with joy. She was back in her city after two long years. She couldn’t stop smiling. They sipped tea together.
“I must tell you something,” Mikesh said.
“I thought you talked to me nicely at first because you want to have my seat.”
“I heard your friend saying to exchange seat with some boy as you are pretty”.
“Umm…That’s why you were so rude to me, Mikesh?”
“Yes. His eyes softened behind the glasses. “I was wrong and I am sorry.”
“Well, Mikesh you hurt me.”
“I am really sorry.”
The train stopped. Station arrived. Everyone started to unpack their load.
“I am sorry Mishti.”
“No, Mikesh. I am so hurt.”
“I am really sorry Mishti.”
“I want you to think about it. Mikesh. Think about it A lot…a lot… all day the, the tea we shared, laughs we laughed, The snow in Finland I told you about and everything. Then ask yourself, Mikesh, is it okay to think it about me?”
“Listen, my family is here. I am going. You enjoy your stay.”
“And, And…Think about me just me and I will about you and let’s see.”
He waved her goodbye watched her going. The curl on her forehead waved goodbye too…Till she disappeared in the rush of people.
All-day he thought about her. All-day she thought about him
He smiled and smiled and then got sad.
She smiled and smiled and some more.
It was evening the same train on the station he wearing a white t-shirt and denim. The maroon frames and behind those frames his longing eyes reminiscing all the sweetness she brought him.
She walking as fast as she could on the platform hearing the announcement running on the platform in a maroon dress.
He looked around the people of her city. It really is the city of joy.
I found my joy and lost it in just a day.
Suddenly she was in front of him. He stood up. Mishti you here? he asked rubbing his eyes.
She sat without saying a word beside him.
“Did you thought about me?”
“Did you miss me, Mikesh”
“Yes. Mishti.”
“How much did you, Mikesh?”
“I don’t know Mishti. All-day. I could think of anything else.”
“Are you still angry?”
“Hmm…A little bit.”
“‘Next time’ come at least for three days. Kolkata is so big. You know.”
‘Next time’ he smiled.
“Didn’t you miss so much in a day Mikesh?Right?”
“Then you won’t come to meet me again?”
“I will. Mishti. I will” he smiled and chuckled and giggled.
“Why you didn’t tell me before? I was tensed for the whole day.”
“Because I wanted to know that even for a day if I will stay in your mind maybe we have a chance.
“We have a chance.” He smiled.
See you soon

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