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(Popularity: 34) Why don’t they make so many Barbie and Ken dolls with real hair now?

I don’t recall answering any questions about dolls before, but I think this is best answered by the CEO of the doll company…they might have issues with human hair having bugs or something, not synthetic black sex doll substance.

(Popularity: 53) What can I give my brother in basic training for DI to mess with him?

f Boot camp. I noticed something poking my feet throughout the day, and at the end of the session I noticed blood on the bottom of my socks. Further inspection revealed that the tack had passed. I went to the instructor’s office. Now my brother is a communications operator in the Air Force, operating a switchboard. They would set up these “around the world” calls to each other, so at the end they were talking to the operator who was sitting in the chair next to them. Somehow, he sent the phone number to the DS office. He couldn’t time it better.queue to robot sex art Speaking to DS, it was my turn to knock the hatch: “Sgt. Drill, PVT OWENS asks for permission to speak.” DS: “What does it belong to?” , you have a phone! You have 10 seconds to turn off my phone” Me, very puzzled: “Um… hello???” Brother: “Have you done push-ups?” Click. hang up. DS: “OWENS, you gave my phone number to a civilian? You’re dead”! Me: “No sergeant, that’s my brother, he’s in the Air Force”! DS: “Air Force!!!???” Give up immediately! 20 for my phone number and 50 for the F*&^ING Air Force”! He was nice to me that day. I don’t advocate messing with people in basic training, but I can tell you about sending someone The worst thing people can do is recruit stuff from a competitor’s service. I ended up in the Marine Corps and one of my favorite things to do is put a USMC bumper sticker on my Navy Qita Dollbrother’s legal car .so depends on the person the service sends

(Popularity: 17) Do you think the Annabelle doll is not scary, is the real doll scarier than the movie version?

stare) So, yes. But do I find the real life Annabelle doll scarier than the movie version.I am a robot sex art Believer in the spirit world (call me a lunatic if you will) so this is why the Annabelle doll makes me so bad in real life (though I

(Popularity: 79) Does Every Dream Home Pain (1973), About Falling In Love With Inflatable Dolls?

Yes, if you listen to the lyrics. It’s vinyl on how he blows up the doll and feels the skin. For a lifeless woman, the tone is erotic. This is exactly what you think of Nathalie. It’s sadly erotic and weirdly funny. I saw the appeal. Thanks Natalie for the question. I need to hear this song Mese Dollmore lol.

(Popularity: 36) Giselle (23)

Sometimes you need some coaching to sign a contract. Often, just fluttering your lashes isn’t enough. I like to stick my ass out for contracts, or have my greedy blowjob blow them. “,”, “I’m a woman who knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. I like to wrap my customers around my fingers. Any way I can do it works for me. Of course, I also take my clothes seriously. At work, I prefer to wear shirts and skirts that accentuate my curves perfectly. I also like to accentuate my plump lips with a bold lip gloss. Guys love my lips. I don’t blame them! Breathing is my greatest strength. “, ”, “As part of my job, I make phone calls a lot. Often, they not only lead to contracts, but also very cool adventures! Recently trying to sell a contract to a client who is not sure if he can sign the contract. “, ”, “The other problem is that his wife is at home. So, I couldn’t convince him in any other way with my speaking skills. But luckily, he was a rich man. So, I appreciate a vase, he explained to me where it came from etc. It’s very valuable, vase. The house is full of that stuff. He asked me if I was interested in antiques. Of course I am. When I have a contract to sign. “,”, “He took me up a flight of stairs and showed me all kinds of valuables. Then I accidentally dropped the pen. I bent down, looked at my neckline, looked at him with wide eyes, and licked my lips. I already put him in the bag and next to the ball. I was able to convince him of my playing skills and he didn’t just sign a contract. I love my job! â€? ”, “Should I also visit you so you can get a contract?Although it’s enough for me if you screw me first

(Popularity: 13 ) Jada(28 years old)

rk till late at night. Still, I am eager to maintain a stable relationship. But as long as I don’t have a stable partner, I’ll definitely enjoy my freedom. “,”, “I always meet handsome guys at our club. If I like someone, I’ll buy him a drink and sometimes give him a little. I can afford it. As the club’s most popular bartender, I always get great tips. “, “My job is great. I love showing off my charms and of course I love using them behind the bar. Guys can’t resist seeing my curves when they are. It makes me feel powerful. man looking at me. Some people even forgot their girlfriends when they saw me and wanted to have sex with me. ‘, robot sex art “Then, it happened that I had to buy a case of drinks from the drink shop. I brought a strong man to drag the case, of course, give me a hand. I love it, if you point my c-c before you fuck me **t. I then straightened my hair, adjusted my skirt, and went back to work refreshed as if nothing had happened. But I’ve already got my next victim involved in mine web desire.

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