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(Popularity: 49) Are you a real person or a doll?

Say, “The real me is the union of body and mind. I am the union of thought and matter.” Then I have to ask myself, “To whom does this thought appear?” I once stood in front of a mirror and asked, “Who am I? But the more important question that I’m missing is, “Who’s asking ‘Who am I’?” In other words, who knows the question? Let’s look at it another way: When you were first born, who did you “think” you were? Obviously, when you are born, you have no knowledge of language, nor any information from your memory bank to draw upon. So, as a baby, “I” is just a bundle of sensitivities—a bundle of pure experience. Baby experience, but don’t know what the experience is… The experience doesn’t have a name. It can’t even distinguish itself from the experience, can it? It can’t even say, “This is my arm, and that’s where my arm appears.” The baby doesn’t know anything about its own body or the world, it only knows about sensations and perceptions. Yes? Now, regardless of the inability to think or use memory, is that baby smaller than you who exists at the moment with the adult in the name of “I”? Isn’t the “I” you are now the “I” you were before you had language or thought? Let’s look at it another way: Was the “me” you were when you were 5 the same as the “me” you are now? But how is this possible when “I” had a completely different mind, feeling and body at age 5 than I do now? Still, isn’t it self-evident that the “I” at 5 years old is the same as the “I” I am now?Isn’t it the same “me”? real fuck doll Are 10s, 20s, 30s and yesterday’s lunch? Therefore, even as the mind and body are constantly changing and evolving, the “I” remains the same and stable. So who am I? “‘I’ is the element of knowing in all experience.” – Rupert Spira “I” is the simple fact of AWARE, independent of what we know. There is only one “I,” the indivisible, ever-present cognitive (or consciousness) “space” in which all minds, bodies, and worlds appear and disappear. Have you ever had an experience without “I” being there? What else has been with you, constant, stable, continuous? present. I am (now). Now try to experience something outside the realm of consciousness. Is it possible? We believe, however, that a world of “matter” exists outside of ME/Awareness, even though we have never experienced such a world. Our only experience with real estate is to think (mind), perceive (body), and perceive (world). What is it like to think about MADE? If you stretch out an imaginary hand and try to “touch” the mind, do you discover anything other than knowing it? How was the induction experience? Does it consist of anything but knowing? and perception? What we call “the world” – try to touch the “dense objects” in the world that we call “matter” – are you actually touching anything, or is what you call a “steering wheel” just a kind of floating Feeling in space? Thought comes and divides reality, it tells you “this feeling is my hand on the steering wheel”, but the DIRECT experience is just a feeling of floating in space. Go to your immediate experience and ask, ‘What is it made of? See if you can find anything but know. (This is based on Rupert Spira’s approach to studying the nature of reality). The first part of your question, “How do you know what the real you is?” In short, the real me is the only constant, stable, and ever-present part of the experience. In any experience, the only lasting existence is that experienced by the knowing or witnessing.That’s the “me” asking itself, “No experience is impossible? That’s the “me”. I hope this helps, I’m a bit scattered

(Popularity: 75) Why do people carry Yoda dolls around and act like real babies?

We know, based on the first three episodes of The Mandalorian (and what I’ve read in the canon novels that have been released so far), that the Outer Rim (and probably a good portion of the galaxy far, far away) is in some kind of chaotic state. Grief Carga mentions that the remnants of the empire have become warlords and/or mercenaries, and I would guess that the new republics emerging from the rebel coalition are busy creating new governments and transitioning from military guerrillas to governing bodies. Grief Carga – Bounty Hunter Guild Master There is a problem with the value of the Empire’s currency, so it makes sense that the galactic economy is in some kind of turbulent state, aside from political turmoil. Usually at this point (at least on our planet) people like clients start carving out their own little “territory” and work to consolidate their power. Client imagine if your goal is to build a power base in a chaotic galaxy and you learn that a baby might have enormous abilities in the force. The client is old enough to remember the Jedi and the Clone Wars, and it doesn’t take a genius to discover that someone with a Jedi ability you can control would be a huge asset (pun intended because Baby Yoda is mentioned as assets). Assets – Cute Cute Guys or Templates for the New Clone Army? I don’t recall hearing it in the episode, but there is a popular “fact” on the internet that states that Dr. Pershing (the client’s scientist) is from Kamino. Dr. Pershing – Mad Scientist? This is the origin of the clone armies used in the Clone Wars, and if that’s true, Mini Sex Dollmy guesses that Pershing was hired by a client to discover a way to clone assets and create a “clone army user” for any user he , or others. In the third episode, the client rants at Dr. Pershing “to extract the materials he needs”, and I’m guessing he’s referring to a tissue sample or something like that, from which a clone of Baby Yoda can be made.So for this reason the client offered a bounty for the baby’s head, apparently employed by real fuck doll Grief Carga and most of the bounty hunter guild, to get the baby back for him.all this is

(Pop Rate: 24) How do I stop Amazon from popping up in all other apps like Facebook and Instagram after searching for sex toys?

Books will know that ads will be relevant to whatever you’ve searched for in the past. It’s called redirection; he’s right. Retargeting isn’t a secretive project unique to Facebook, though. Redirects are done on a lot of websites. Using numerous computer algorithms, a computer is able to determine your identity; not your name, per se, but you as an individual. Since everyone visits different websites and has different interests, a computer can tell if it’s you on your computer or your mom because you and your mom — or anyone else — have different histories and searches. You want to know why the ad was able to target you even though you never searched for anything related to the ad. Like you said, you just thought of it and never actually entered it somewhere; so how did this ad find you? This means that campaigns have very good marketers. They know what they are doing. The problem is that algorithms can determine whether you might be interested in said topic even if you’ve never searched for something. For example, let’s take the Harry Potter franchise – here’s what everyone must know. What if you’ve never searched for anything related to Harry Potter. You have never purchased Harry Potter merchandise online. You’ve never played Harry Potter online. Your search history has never seen the word “Harry Potter”. But you love Harry Potter! There is no written record in your internet history. Then, imagine that one day you see an ad on Instagram or Facebook for an ad for the Harry Potter Competition movie set, which includes all 7 books. How could this be? You’ve never searched for Harry Potter! How do they know? Using an algorithm, the computer is able to predict that X people may be interested in Y topics.since they are real fuck doll Algorithms, they’re not always right; they’re probably right. So this part answers the question. But let’s turn it into a way that you can understand better and easier. You never searched for Harry Potter, okay? Your history never mentions Harry Potter! But what if your history shows you liked “Daniel Radcliffe” on Facebook, or you Googled “What movies has Emma Watson been in?” Or maybe you’ve clicked on an article about JK Rowling’s tweet against Donald Trump. Or, what if it was never so eye to eye? What if it wasn’t so obvious? Then maybe you’ve googled “History of the Salem Witch Trials”…and then you googled “Where is Hogwarts?” I don’t know. It might be more complicated than that. Maybe something completely unrelated like “The Black Umbrella” can somehow be linked to Harry Potter. Find out the more you use Google, Facebook, Instagram or any other platform, the more data they have about you. The more data they have about you, the more accurate their algorithms will be.

sex doll

sex doll

silicone sex doll

silicone sex doll

(Popularity: 31) How many sex toys are normal?

ld is), then more. It will be added regularly. How much is normal for you is entirely up to you. It could be five, it could be 35 or 235 or any other number you want. It may also not have, which is also a very good number. What is normal for others? It’s okay, not at all. Get this thought out of your mind and don’t let it in again. Because that’s what other people are: other people. They are not you and you are not them. No matter how many sex toys they — or you — own, it’s none of their business. If you and them are about to “get rocking” and someone wants to bring some toys into the scene, the only time it matters to everyone else. That person probably has a legitimate interest in your toy collection, although I’m expecting more from “So what toys do you have?” The side of things is more specific than the numbers.so gather you

(Popularity: 72) Is there anyone who might be working in someone’s house looking for personal items like panties and sex toys in a drawer?

I break the ice with Japanese sex dolls and answer. I’ve worked in a lot of houses and if there are beautiful women living there, I always want a chance to browse their drawers. Especially when mother and daughter look good. Many times I check their panties and bras. I will get as many samples as possible to take home for mastering. Especially if their smell is still there. I ended up with quite a collection and had many interesting meetings with them.

(Popularity: 28) Are there any lesbians willing to enter into polygamous marriages with heterosexuals?

elieves in biology, and having been married twice, I understand women and their physical needs in the long run, say it’s all good, I have the highest respect for our women. All I know is that they are driven and controlled by their hormones and monthly cycles. Biologically, a woman is born with several male lovers, which could be an affair or attraction to a doctor, or more commonly a romance with a good girlfriend, but it’s just a simple matter of society labeling her a slut choice because she likes to mate with more people than a male sperm competing existence and men don’t realize their wives have semen in their ovaries which is normal and more common than we all care, except to say me because of japan The need for a sex doll and the loss of two relationships is on a par with another, even if it is open, the philandering male seeks and cares at all costs, and then fails to honor her commitment. I don’t think anh women are responsible for choices based on biological needs, men should respect because he knows better and won’t share his wives and gifts o

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