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(Popularity: 97) What’s the best male sex toy you’ve ever bought?

ude any prototype or one-off because they are unusual by definition because only one of their types exists. Instead, I would choose the most unusual commercially available sex toys. This is a tricky question. My own interests tend to be exotic – things that many people might find strange or unusual are common among my sweethearts. I have a corset in my own toy box, not one but two different urethral sounds (one long and smooth one, one short and bumpy), not one, not two, but three violet wands . A very unusual toy I’ve been considering buying is a pear. It is inserted into any hole and then unfolds when the handle is turned, so it cannot be removed. It can be locked in place. The version I had my eye on had a loop of rope or chain at the end, so you could actually restrain someone through whatever hole you inserted. While this toy is unusual, it’s probably more common with catheters than balloons – yes, some people do use it as a sex toy, I’ve personally only seen it once, at a workshop during the BDSM convention. The people who showed it seemed to like it, although many wouldn’t consider it a “sex toy” since it’s actually a medical device used as a sex toy. If you’re talking about something specifically designed as a sex toy, and not for other purposes, one contender might be the acrylic testicle crusher used in CBT (cock and ball torture, not other CBT!) . Another possibility is clitoral cone estimation electrodes. You mount it on a surface and tie your helpless partner up so it can touch her clit. Then you hook it up to an estimation device that delivers shocks directly to the clitoris. However, what I think is the most unusual is this person. I’m actually a little surprised that someone made this particular obsession with this toy. The little end is the penis plug. The big end is a butt plug with a hole.When you ejaculate, ejaculate

(Popularity: 22) Can Mormons use sex toys?

In their normal minds they will ask the leader if anal sex is cool because people think it is not, but a lot of people have asked about oral sex. Below is a brief history of some of the advice church leadership has given over the years. “If it’s not natural, you don’t do it. That’s all, all domestic life should be kept clean and valuable and at a very high level. Some say anything is ok behind the bedroom door. That’s not true, Lord will not forgive it (Spencer W. Kimball, Teaching, p. 312). Letter from President Harold L. Lee marked as confidential: May 17, 1973 Dear Sister: I am instructed by President Harold L. Lee , acknowledging your letter of May 10, 1973. Normally, your letter will be forwarded to your bishop, who will be with you and answer your questions. However, in this case, given the private nature of your inquiry, We will send you a reply directly. In response to a similar query that President Lee received recently, he responded as follows: I am shocked that you raised the question of “married couple having oral sex in the genital area”. God forbid anything that is abominable in the eyes of the Lord Degrading activity of any kind. Any Latter-day Saint, especially those taught in the sacred ordinances of the temple, who perverts this sacred God-given gift of fertility in any way, will surely alleviate the Lord’s condemnation if Whom do we offend if we engage in any such practice. In the belief that this information will be helpful to you, I hereby, (Signed) Letter from Secretary to President D. Arthur Haycock Harold B. Lee to All Priesthood Leaders, January 1982 March 5. Married persons should understand that if in their marriage they have committed unnatural, impure or unholy acts, they should not enter the temple unless they repent and cease any such acts. Husbands and wives who know these requirements can make their own decisions about their standing before the Lord. All of this should be communicated without allowing priesthood leaders to focus on the intimate matters of the relationship. Can be done without discussing clinical details Skilled interviewing and counseling by allowing individual members of the Church to organize their lives before exercising their privilege of entering the Lord’s house. The First Presidency interprets oral sex as an act that is unnatural, impure, or unholy. Engaged in a practice that annoyed him enough to ask about it, he should stop it. Anyone guilty of verbal or physical abuse of a child or spouse should not enter the temple. . . (Signed) Spencer Kimball N. Eldon Tanner Marion G . Romney Gordon B. Hinckley In 1978, Temple Recommend Interview added a question about avoiding “unnatural, impure, or unholy practices.” Definitions for those who need it show that brethren have identified oral and anal sex are “unnatural, impure, or unholy practices.â€?The attorney, although not formally revoked, has not been reaffirmed since, and is generally unknown. Beginning in 1985, the temple recommendation question was reduced to “Do you obey the chastity laws? â€?This reply was sent to a woman who wrote to the First Presidency in the summer of 2002. I have included her reply before citing the letter she received medium sized breasts From the first president: The issue of oral sex became so heated before he left that I eventually told my husband that if we could find an answer that would satisfy both of us, I would write to Salt Lake City. So far he has discredited your messages because his stake president gave him the idea of ​â€?anything can happen”” in his marriage. He brought the current stake president into the dead prophet. Anyway

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