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How to care for your adult sex doll?

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Use an appropriate lubricant.Oil-Based Lubricants Can Harm Your Skin sex doll, ask your baby to use an oil-based lubricant. For sex toys, water-based lubricants are the best lubricants because they will not damage the skin and vagina of the sex toy and are safe for you. Every time you have fun with a sex doll, you need to clean every hole in your sex doll, especially the vaginal and anal areas. This prevents bacteria and dirt from building up inside the doll and keeps the doll healthy.

Like women, men have different personalities. So, for the owner of this sex doll, what kind of underwear should you buy for your partner? A real sex doll has no feelings, and she can’t express her feelings, so it mainly depends on your preferences and mood, what underwear to buy and what underwear to wear. When you choose underwear for your sex doll, you can express all of your personality—those you don’t want to show to the outside world. For example, when you’re dreaming, passionate, and loving, you buy her a fancy lace pink bra and satin panties. When you’re flippant, you think red push-up bras and thongs. You will get the type of underwear that suits your mood and feeling.

Men should maintain good living conditions, control the frequency of sex, and reduce masturbation. Do more physical activity, such as swimming or brisk walking. You can’t ride too long. Otherwise, it will rub the testicles or penis, affecting the local blood supply, so as not to weaken the sexual ability. Keep a peaceful mind, avoid excessive emotional fluctuations, and do not blindly take medicines for nourishing yang and nourishing the kidney.

Unfortunately, when you’re looking for sex toys, you’ll see many sex toy stores on the market. Everyone wants to spend all their money on sex toys to get their money’s worth.However, until you receive love doll, you don’t feel their quality. So, how do you know which store is more reliable? So, how to choose a reliable sex toy store? Here are 3 tips from the author. As long as you follow the three suggestions below, I believe you will not buy fake dolls.

As we all know, as long as your thoughts don’t violate the law and the health and interests of others, you will not be ashamed of yourself. It also has to do with your sexual pleasure. You need to be bold and brave to express it. Happiness belongs to you. You have an obligation to enjoy yourself. Of course, it’s nice to have a deep conversation with your partner and let her know your preferences and fantasies. This can often start with sex, including your fantasies and fantasies about sex dolls.

In the process of sexual life, you need to walk step by step, then enter the state, and slowly enjoy the pleasure of the body. However, due to physical or emotional reasons, some women always urge men during intercourse, hoping that the men will resolve it as soon as possible. However, they didn’t know it would lower a man’s libido or even cause problems for men. Interruption may affect male sexual function. Generally speaking, having sex is a very happy thing, but when having sex, they need to know some taboos to avoid. At the same time, after having sex, you should also take some preventive measures. Don’t take a bath right away, and take precautions to keep your body warm. This will not be rewarded.

The built-in whole body heater is determined by each customer according to the needs.If you need a more convenient and simpler way to heat your mini sex doll, it is recommended that you contact customer service to add it. Of course, you will need to pay for this feature, but it will be the right decision and it will be worth every penny you spend. If you mind paying for this feature, you can choose another way to heat the doll.

Of course, the shortcomings of the bedside table are also obvious. First of all, in order to enjoy the perfect bed, you need to spend enough money, time and energy to dress up and chat with the opposite sex. It’s hard to have a perfect one night stand if you’re busy or don’t have enough money. Second, if you look forward to one night for a long time, you greatly increase the likelihood of contracting the disease, because you can’t guarantee that every heterosexual person you have sex with will be completely healthy. Having sex is indeed a high-risk behavior if you can’t guarantee your own health.

Secondly, it is best not to work within an hour after sexual intercourse, and do a good job of oral hygiene. Sex life will inhibit the logical thinking activities of the brain, promote blood circulation in the lower body, temporarily put the brain in a state of hypoxia and ischemia, unable to solve problems better and weaken logical thinking ability, so it is necessary to rest for an hour before sex. In addition, be sure to wash your face and brush your teeth before having sex in the morning to add luster to your sex life, and you can also chew peppermint gum to stimulate female libido.

one more movie male sex doll In Japan, its story is both sad and beautiful. Many customers only focus on the function of physical dolls as sex toys. But now with the development of concepts, for many doll owners, sex dolls are no longer just sex toys. Zhang Fan is 36 years old this year. He is a stock trader in Beijing. He had been expecting the sex doll’s reaction. He believes that in real life, love has too many other conditions. He gave up the idea of ​​starting a family with a real woman and planned to establish a spiritual exchange with a real love doll.

How to take care of your sex doll? You need to keep your sex doll neat and tidy, which can help you avoid getting sick. You should bathe him at least once every two weeks. You can help your baby bathe by using a mild soap and antibacterial body wash. Remember, when bathing your baby, don’t submerge her face and hair in the water. You can gently wipe her face with a damp towel and use a mild soap to clean the dust from the skin. After cleaning the doll, you can gently pat the doll with a clean absorbent towel to dry the surface of the doll. Please do not attempt to dry the skin and hair of the sex doll with a hair dryer. very stupid. After the skin of the sex toy dries, you can apply baby powder on it to keep it clean.

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